Determine the Quality of Dog Boarding Facilities in Four Simple Steps

The effort of choosing a boarding facility for a dog should be taken seriously. Pet hotels and daycare facilities are now available across the country. Zoning and licensing laws provide some oversight to ensure safe standards but they are not enough. Dog owners must take the time to determine if the location is right for their pet. Here are the four most important details to review.

Check Their Reputation

Ask local veterinarians, friends and family for their opinion on the facility under consideration. Research online for local laws regulating boarding facilities and dog daycare providers to see what licensing is required. Make certain the facility has the necessary permits. Research online reviews and check to see if any complaints have been filed against the company.

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Inspect the Facility

A dog hotel should have spacious, comfortable kennel spaces for each client. There should be a large, fenced area for play and for bathroom breaks. The facility should be clean and comfortable and the kennels should have adequate climate control. The staff should allow people to tour their facilities at any time during operating hours without an appointment.

Review Their Policies

A competent boarding facility and daycare for dogs will have a number of rules that help to keep their facility safe. These include requiring proof of vaccinations, certain standards of behavior before allowing dogs to play with others at the facility and current contact information for all owners and the veterinarian familiar with the dog. Good boarding centers also allow family pets to bunk together and guarantee one-on-one attention for all dogs.

Meet the Staff

It is the quality of the people that work with the animals that matter the most. Ask about qualifications of the owners and their staff members. Bring the dog to meet the staff to see the reaction of the pet and how natural the people are around animals.

Many boarding facilities and dog daycares offer additional services to their clients as well. Ask about grooming services, obedience classes and any other options they may have. Try out some of these services prior to leaving the dog in their care. It is an easy way to determine their quality and to allow the pet to feel more comfortable with the people and the location before any extended stay.

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